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SIMPLICITY | 2007/2011


Festival Malá inventura, Prag: 29.02.2012, 20:00 h
Divadlo Ponec,

Duettbiennale 2011, Fürth: 18.11.2011, 20:00 h
Kulturforum Fürth,

Reworked version: 04., 05., 06.11.2011, 20:30 h
DOCK 11, Berlin,

Concept: Walter Bickmann
Choreography & Dance: Walter Bickmann, Lydia Klement
Video: Walter Bickmann, Doris Kolde
Sound: Sven Holly Nullmeyer
Light: Asier Solana Arce, Leonardo Rende

Restaging 2011 in cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin. The premiere in 2007 was subsidized by District Office Pankow of Berlin/ Office for Culture and Education/Dept. of Culture. Produced at and supported by DOCK 11 Berlin.

The dance performance "SIMPLICITY" reflects individual and social aspects between the accelerated complexity of daily life and subjective satisfaction. How can we handle the increasing degree of complexity of our life’s reality? In doing so, what can we and what do we want to abstain from? In which areas of our life do we decide for a path of simplicity or complexity; when are emotions more effective than rationality?

Presse: Images full of concentrated power [...] “Simplicity”: [...] Walter Bickmann, choreographer and video artist, turned his story into fluid, pleading movement, or froze, in persisting pain. By his side was the dancer and choreographer Lydia Klement, who didn’t lack any of the great intensity and concentrated power her partner had [...]

[...] images that tell of an almost unbearable intensity of suffering, to be understood as an attempt  to orient oneself, fed by the pressing need to return to the essential, the origin, the reason for our being. Bickmann and Klement succeeded at impressive visual compositions, that pose the highest demands on them and that let the audience marvel at the multifaceted movements that two people can accomplish on stage [...]

[...] Walter Bickmann can point to an exciting artistic career, which led him to, among others, the Vienna State Opera and the Berliner Volksbühne. Lydia Klement completed her training in Dresden, Berlin and New York and has worked with well-known dancers. In Schwerte they left behind an impressed audience [...]
Ilka Heiner, DerWesten, Westfälische Rundschau, 24.11.08