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Close Up | 2006

Concept & Choreography: Walter Bickmann
With: Erol Alexandrov, Jean Chaize, Beatrice Cordua, Brigitte Cuvelier, Kristine Keil, Thomas Langkau, Manolo Montezuma
Video: Walter Bickmann, Doris Kolde

Subsidized by the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. und the BezirksKulturFonds Pankow, with support of the Mime Centrum Berlin. Produced at and supported by DOCK 11 Berlin.

Our body is the most observed and most mysterious, the most intimate and simultaneously the most public thing we have. In a world in which cultural projections mutually saturate each other, where surgery and the cosmetics industry provide a global industrialization of our body, our external appearance is investment and brand at once and entails far-reaching social consequences. Where do the norms on which human beauty is judged come from and what are the subsequent consequences in regard to our self-awareness? Point of departure for this work were the results of current studies in the research of attractiveness.

Presse: [...] In an experimental mix of dance- and video art, of poetry and ironie, “Close Up” asks the question “What is beautiful?”. Walter Bickmann shows how intimate and simultaneously public the human body is.
tip Berlin Magazin, Ausgabe 2. - 15.11.2006