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JR's Stiefel (JR’s Boots) | Dance Film 2005

Length: 25 min
After its premiere at HALLE TanzBühne and additional performances at DOCK 11 in Berlin, “JR’s Stiefel” was shown at the DANSCAMDANSE Dance Film Festival in Gent and the Film Festival of Antwerp.

Direction: Walter Bickmann
With: Marion Buchmann, Beatrice Cordua, Kristine Keil, Thomas Langkau, Manolo Montezuma, Dominik Schötschel, Katrin Schyns
Music: Sven Holly Nullmeyer
Camera & Editing: Walter Bickmann

Subsidized by the District Office Pankow of Berlin/ Office for Culture and Education/Dept. of Culture.

The choreographic installation "JR’s Stiefel", specifically staged to be filmed, deals with issues of merging imaginary and dream worlds with the ideas of our own concepts of life.

“It is so fascinatingly bad that I miss no episode. The story line is abstruse and illogical, the camera work horrible, the direction abominable, and unbelievably many bad actors and actresses act unbelievably badly. But it is insanely fascinating!”
Ingmar Bergman about the TV series Dallas

Points of departure for this dance film were on the one hand the TV series “Dallas” itself, on the other, scientific research of the media phenomenon “Dallas”. Letters to the editor about the series from the 80s were incorporated into the artistic realization as well as results from empirical analyses by media researchers.

Press: [...] Out of the dance film "JR's Stiefel" came a ludicrous, poetic grotesque about the crazy blending of TV world and reality [...]
taz, 02.07.2005

[...] inspired by the legendary 80’s series "Dallas", "JR's Stiefel" addresses, with just as much humour as poetry, the merging of imaginary and dream worlds in media and reality. Ambivalence is always part of Walter Bickmann’s multi-layered work, who understands how to asks socio-critical questions and connect them with a humorous approach. [...]
Berliner Zeitung, 14.07.05

Dance is beautiful, but very short-lived: when it’s there it’s already gone again. Different from many other attempts trying to capture the moment of this live act, Walter Bickmann’s dance films aren’t purely documentary, but try to create a syntheses of stage dance and screen image. [...]
zitty 16/ 2004